Jenny Myers Yerkes

I love the plants and grasses that I bought and planted today. Just the beginning of garden season. Also got a new Chiminea for our deck. Excellent customer service and help loading the heavy stuff. Cant' wait to go back in May!

Cliff Love

The owner knows his stuff when it comes to lawn and garden supplies! He has spent many years doing it and he was always a pro at spotting the best products and product lines to carry. The ones that brought the customer the best value. If you shop at this store I am certain you will like the selection.

Leslie A. Barr

Been going to Agway for 17 years for our garden plants and mulch. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Love their commitment to customer service.

Bill Letzkus

Great store...friendly staff. They also have a membership program that yields many money off coupons.

Brad Court

Fantastic customer service, lots of lawn and garden supplies plus seasonal items like flowers, pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.

Ben Levit

Well run. Great offerings. Excellent service! Solar powered!

James Daniel Porter

Great staff, great selection!

Traci Brantner

Awesome fall flowers at incredible prices! The employees are knowledgeable and very friendly!

Brian Skuzinski

My perennial location for mulch, garden vegetables, spices and other plantables I buy every spring. This is also where we get our seeds to plant our flowers, our dog food, and also anything related to bird feeders and squirrel feeders. Selection for garden plants here during the spring time is fantastic. They're going to have everything from homegrown spices to all kinds of homegrown vegetables. Their price of mulch is usually pretty good as well. The staff is extremely friendly and they are built to get you in and out very quickly.

Tom Chan

A place where you can find very good selections of bird seed, feeder, houses, etc. There are also many plants, garden stuff available. Price is reasonable and staffs are friendly and knowledgeable, and available to help.

Paul Waters

great place also there is a guy by the name of Jim. wounderful guy he helped me step by step getting what i needed. and everyone else has a great personally. great place to shop.

Craig Harlyvetch

Our AGWAY has been a great local hardware/yard store for years. Among other things, we buy plants and mulch in the spring, get my propane refilled in the summer and buy various birdfeeding supplies throughout the year.  The store is well run and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Matthew Collins

Always well stocked and well staffed. Selection is wide and staff is friendly and helpful

Amy Middlecamp

I received a gift card to this Agway and couldn't be happier with my purchases! I've driven by this location thousands of times, but never stopped in.  Staff was knowledgeable and super friendly.  Succulents were very healthy! Also picked up an amaryllis!! Bulk bird food was a wonderful idea! It was winter, so obviously not as many plants. I can't wait to go back in the spring!

Max Rairigh

Agway has a wonderful selection of bird feeders and bird houses and accessories.

Bill McManus

We have been going here for years. Usually to get garden plants. Highest quality, never had a problem whether getting seeds or live plants. But they also have great tools and lawn/garden products.

Marie Pitcherella

Always a great place to visit for plants, mulch, seeds and potting soil. Friendly, local spot. Convenient to downtown West Chester.

Kyle Ryan

Very helpful, Always found what i needed, staff are very friendly, and helpful. Would recommend for outdoor needs and gardening. Great store.

Jack Stubbe

Well stocked with a great selection of plants, trees, perennials, etc.  Knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Bird, pet, livestock feed, plant care and pond products, aquatic supplies, koi, aquatic plants.  They have it all!

Martin Bruegel

Full range of garden, pond supplies and seasonal plants. Also selection of wild bird products and some pet supplies.  Friendly service.

Stephen Subbio

Great service and good deep selection of lawn products. The really knew their stuff.

Steven Moscoe

Always friendly, knowledgeable, helpful.  Exactly what you want your local ag store to be!

Ted Leisenring

excellent service, great variety and if you need something special they will order it for you from Agway's vast inventory off site.