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Photo of our solar power system on and around our building.

We recently completed construction on a 247 panel solar power system at the store. 221 panels are mounted on the roof and 26 panels are mounted on the ground. Each panel generates 230 watts each, giving us the ability to generate 56KW of electricity. This will cover approximately 80% of our electric needs throughout the year.

Our goal from the start was to reduce our impact on the environment and realize the economic benefits of solar power. We have a long tradition of carrying products that are safer on the environment such as organic fertilizers, animal feeds, insect control and plants.

Solar panel roof installation.
Photo of workers installing the panels
Inverters convert DC to AC power.
Photo of inverters
Twenty-six ground-mount panels.
Photo of a row of ground panels
KWH of Power Generated Equivalent Barrels of Oil
Jan - June 2011: 35,332 KWH 49.8 Barrels
July - Dec. 2011: 34,370 KWH 48.2 Barrels
Jan - June 2012: 39,5524 KWH 55.4 Barrels
July - Dec. 2012: 33,597 KWH 47.0 Barrels
Jan - June 2013: 37,468 KWH 52.5 Barrels
July - Dec. 2013: 34,028 KWH 47.7 Barrels