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Right Dress Licorice Root Mulch

Right Dress Licorice Root Mulch

RIGHT DRESS mulch is made of steamed and shredded roots of the perennial legume glycyrrhiza glabra, better known as licorice plant.

  • Unlike other mulches, RIGHT DRESS mulch is composed of ground licorice root.
  • Our mulch is processed to remove soil and other foreign material.
  • Our mulch is carefully shredded.
  • When applied to gardens, our mulch fibers settle and interlock, creating a mulch mat resistant to blow away and wash away.
  • Our solids are natural
  • Absorbs and retains moisture
  • Enriches soil
  • Naturally attractive
  • Resists blow away and wash away
  • Aerates soil for better growth and development
  • Inhibits weed growth
  • Kills weed seeds
  • Easy to use

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