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Tall Tine Tubers (Annual) Deer Foraging Product

Tall Tine Tubers (Annual) Deer Foraging Product

  • Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America
  • SKU: 02111787

It took six years to develop the new turnip variety in Imperial Whitetail TALL TINE TUBERS. The result is the most attractive turnip variety the Whitetail Institute could develop or has ever tested. TALL TINE TUBERS provides two forage sources for late fall and winter. First is foliage that grows very quickly and becomes sweeter with the fall frosts. Second are sweet tubers that can grow as large as a softball and delivers an additional food source through the winter.

  • Includes Tall Tine Turnip – a NEW TURNIP VARIETY genetically developed by Whitetail Institute
  • SIX YEARS in research, development and testing
  • Two food sources - foliage above ground and tubers underground
  • EXTREMELY drought and cold tolerant
  • Establishes and grows rapidly
  • Considered by many to be the most effective late food plot product available
  • TALL TINE TUBERS is designed to establish and grow quickly, produce lots of tonnage, and attract and hold deer during the early and late hunting seasons.