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BowStand (Annual) Deer Foraging Product

BowStand (Annual) Deer Foraging Product

  • Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America
  • SKU: 02111736

Imperial Whitetail BowStand is designed to bring deer into funnels, pinch-points, trails and other small, remote bow stand sites. Can be planted with minimal effort and equipment (with as little as hand tools), Imperial Whitetail BowStand establishes quickly and begins drawing deer right away – even in partially shaded sites and can continue to produce after heavy grazing.
Fall annual designed to attract deer to small, remote food plots for bow hunting
Includes new specially selected radish and lettuce, and other highly attractive forages
Designed for maximum attraction with minimal planting effort
Designed to flourish even in partial shade
Can be planted with minimal seedbed preparation
EXTREMELY drought and cold tolerant
Contains a soil pH booster to help optimize forage growth even in slightly acidic soils